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York Rite

Lewis Chapter No. 1
Royal Arch Masons
Meets alternately with Capital Council No. 7 @ Carson Lodge No. 1
Second Thursday of every month - 7:00 PM
Dark the Months of June-July-August

Royal Arch Chapter Officers 2016-2017

Excellent High Priest - Richard Bourcier

King - Pedro Leon-Rojas - PHP

Scribe - Billy J. Barbie - GScribe

Treasurer - Michael E. Williams - PHP

Secretary - A. Paul Pabon - GChap

Capt. Of The Host - Alan R. Troland - PHP

Principal Sojourner - David St Onge - PHP

Royal Arch Capt. - Craig M. Lewis - PHP

Master 3rd Veil - David Huffman

Master 2nd Veil - Vacant

Master 1st Veil - Vacant

Chaplain - A. Paul Pabon - GChap

Sentinel - Vacant


Capital Council No. 7
Cryptic Masons
Meets alternately with Lewis Chapter No. 1 @ Carson Lodge No. 1
Second Thursday of every month - 7:00 PM
Dark the Months of June-July-August

Cryptic Council Officers 2016-2017

Illustrious Master - David St Onge

Deputy Master - Billy J. Barbie RIGPCW

Principal Conductor of Work - Richard Bourcier

Treasurer - Michael E. Williams - PTIM

Recorder - A. Paul Pabon - PTIM

Capt. Of the Guard - Alan R. Troland - PTIM

Cond. of Council - Vacant

Steward - Vacant

Chaplain - A. Paul Pabon - PTIM

Sentinel - Craig M. Lewis - PTIM

E.C. Peterson Commandery No. 8
Knights Templar
Meets the First Wednesday of every month @ Carson Lodge No. 1  -   7:00 PM
Dark the Months of June-July-August

Commandery Officers 2016-2017

Eminent Commander - SK Craig M. Lewis

Generalissimo - SK David St Onge

Captain General - SK Pedro Herman Leon-Rojas

Treasurer - SK Michael E. Williams PC

Recorder - SK Aramis Paul Pabon EGSW

Sr. Warden - SK Richard Bourcier

Jr.Warden - SK Billy J. Barbie - PC

Prelate - SK Aramis Paul Pabon EGSW

Standard Bearer - Vacant

Sword Bearer - Vacant

Warder - SK Alan R. Troland - PC

Sentinel - Vacant


Current York Rite Announcements

Grand York Rite

The 2016 annual York Rite Nevada Sessions were held in Las Vegas, NV in June.  The elected Grand Officers for the State of Nevada for 2016 - 2017 are:

Grand High Priest - Thomas V. Hultin
Illustrious Grand Master - Abraham B. Velasco
Right Eminent Grand Commander - Richard M. Hoaglin

Upcoming Degrees & Orders
None at this time.

Our Meetings:


Chapter meets jointly with Council. Meeting @ 7 PM on the 2nd Thursday. 

Dinner @ Titos at 5:30 PM. See the Carson 1 calendar for which jacket to wear.


Council meets jointly with Chapter. Meeting @ 7 PM on the 2nd Thursday. 

Dinner @ Titos at 5:30 PM. See the Carson 1 calendar for which jacket to wear.


Commandery meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 PM. Dinner @ Titos at 5:30 PM.

Are you interested in learning more 
about the York Rite?

And, how you can become a part of the York Rite and bear the coveted title of Sir Knight - a true Knight Templar?

The "Blue Lodge" is only the beginning of the York Rite experience.  No Master Mason's education is complete without going through all of the York Rite degrees and orders. To find out what is missing in the first three degrees, every Master Mason should pursue the remainder of the York Rite degrees and orders to complete their education in masonry. The Blue Lodge confers only 3 degrees. There are nine more degrees and orders in the York Rite. Come experience the rest of the story. Don't let the song of Masonry only be half sung. Hear the rest of the story in the remaining York Rite degrees and orders.

Remember: a Blue Lodge Mason is a "Substitute" Master Mason. To be a "real" Master Mason, one must obtain "the Master's Word" and complete his education in the remainder of York Rite. 

Do you want remain being a "Substitute Master Mason" or do you want to be a real "Master Mason"?

If you are interested in finding out what was missed in your Blue Lodge experience, contact Carson Lodge No. 1 at the e-mail address below and fill in an application for York Rite today. Experience Nevada York Rite and learn the rest of the story and "the Master's Word" to be a real Master Mason.

(Please include "York Rite" in the subject line)


Call Carson Lodge No. 1 (775-882-3931)


contact the York Rite Secretary\Recorder 
per the "Contacts" page

and arrange for a 
meeting to discuss your future 
in the York Rite of Freemasonry.  

Carson York Rite Sec\Rec

(Aramis P. Pabon) (775) 720-4097

Carson York Rite Mailing address

Carson York Rite
215 Sutro Rd
Dayton, NV 89403

For information concerning the best source to buy fraternal clothing 
for the York Rite

please see the Links page at 

A short write-up on each of the degrees in the York Rite series of degrees \ orders is below.  
The write-ups are courtesy of the Grand York Rite site.

Royal Arch Masons

The Capitular Degrees

The Capitular Degrees are a set of four degrees controlled by the Royal Arch Chapter. They "complete" the "Blue Lodge" degrees and center on the construction phases of Solomon's Temple, with the exception of the degree of Past Master, hence the title of Capitular. The degree of Past Master is the vestigial remnant of the former custom that the degree of the Royal Arch could only be conferred on a Past Master of a Symbolic Blue Lodge. In the United States, these degrees are considered as proprietary to the Royal Arch, while in England there is no Past Master degree as found here, and the Mark Master degree is controlled by its own Grand Lodge. The Most Excellent Master degree is also part of the Cryptic Degree in England. As stated in the forward, the Royal Arch overseas is controlled by Chapters attached to English Blue Lodges. The Royal Arch Chapters have occasionally been referred to as the "Red lodge" in older Masonic publications, though they should more accurately be described as the "Red degrees." In the United States, all Chapter business is conducted in a Royal Arch Chapter, the other bodies being only opened for the conferral of degrees. Some jurisdictions open Mark Master Lodges as "table lodges," which act as a social focus for the local York Rite bodies

Mark Master

A Degree that emphasizes the lessons of regularity, discipline, and integrity. It is a most impressive Degree centered on the story of the Fellowcraft of the quarry and their role in the building of the Temple. Its importance in English Craft Masonry can be judged by the fact that it operates as a separate Grand Lodge, and is highly sought by members of the Craft in that jurisdiction.

Past Master (Virtual)

A Degree that emphasizes the lesson of harmony. This Degree is conferred because ancient custom required that a Mason must be a Past Master in order to be exalted to the Royal Arch. In some Grand Jurisdictions this Degree is conferred upon all sitting Masters of the Blue Lodge. The Degree confers no actual rank upon the recipient, but is exemplified to maintain the ancient custom.

Most Excellent Master

A Degree that emphasizes the lesson of reverence. This Degree is centered on the dedication of the Temple after its completion, particularly the consecration of the Sanctum Sanctorum and the descent of the Host into the Temple. It is complimentary to the Mark Master Degree and completes the symbolic lessons introduced in that Degree.

The Royal Arch

The completion of the Master Mason Degree and the summit of the original Degrees of the Blue Lodge as practiced in the Antients Lodges of England before 1820. The Degree explains the origins of the Substitute Word found in the Master Mason Degree, the recovery of the Ineffable Word, and its concealment within the Royal Arch Word. This Degree, together with the Master Mason Degree, may have once been exemplified as one large or "super" Degree, with the Master Mason Degree explaining the loss of the Master's Word and the Royal Arch explaining the recovery of the Master's Word. The presiding body is a Chapter, and the presiding officer is a High Priest (titled Excellent).

Cryptic Masons

The Cryptic Degrees

The Cryptic Degrees are a set of three degrees controlled by the Select Masters Council. The degrees get their name from the reference to a hidden or secret vault in the degrees, hence the term Cryptic. Only the first two degrees are regularly worked, the third degree, that of Super Excellent Master, is worked as an honorary degree, not being required as a requisite for membership in the Council. It is also somewhat peculiar in its association with the Cryptic degrees, as it is more closely allied in theme and character with the Royal Arch and the Illustrious Order of the Red Cross. The history of the body as a whole is also shrouded in uncertainty and controversy. Though there is early evidence of Councils of Royal and Select Masters being worked in the United States, the degrees were worked variously by their own Councils, Royal Arch Chapters, and even Lodges of Perfection of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Though the Scottish Rite has long relinquished any claim to these degrees, several Grand Jurisdictions (VA & WVA) still confer them as a part of Capitular Masonry. In England, the degree of Most Excellent Master is grouped with this body. In the United States, all business is conducted in the Select Masters Council, the other two bodies only being opened for the conferral of degrees. Some jurisdictions hold "table councils" in similar manner to "table lodges" as a social focal point of their local York Rite bodies.

Royal Master

A Degree emphasizing the lessons of patience and fortitude. The Degree centers around the Fellowcraft Masons who were artificers fabricating the fittings and furniture of the Temple. It is unusual in that the first part of the Degree depicts events taking place before the death of the Grand Master Hiram Abif, and the last part depicts events occurring after his death.

Select Master

A Degree emphasizing the lessons of devotion and zeal. The Degree centers on the construction and furnishing of a Secret Vault beneath the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple, and the deposition of those secrets pertaining to the Craft by the three ancient Grand Masters of the Craft. This Degree bridges the events surrounding the concealment and loss of the Ineffable Word and the events leading to the recover of the Word in the Royal Arch Degree. The presiding body is a Council, and the presiding officer is a Master (titled Illustrious).

Super Excellent Master
A Degree emphasizing the lessons of loyalty and faithfulness. The Degree centers around the events leading to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple at the hands of the Chaldeans. The Degree is narrated by small interludes of biblical prophecy that highlight the end of the first Temple and the construction of the second Temple. It is noteworthy for its scenes of the Jewish court of Zedekiah and the Chaldean court of Nebuchadnezzar. This degree is an honorary one, and a member of the Council not needing to have it in order to hold membership or office.

Knights Templar

The Chivalric Orders

The Chivalric Orders are a set of three Orders culminating in the grade of Knight Templar, and controlled by that body. This body is markedly different from its foreign counterparts, in that it exhibits a paramilitary structure and outlook on Masonry, being the only branch of Masonry in the world that is a uniformed body. Its requirement that its members be professed Christians has led to calls of condemnation from other Masonic bodies and organizations both inside and outside the United States, claiming that the body is more of a Christian organization rather than a Masonic body. These have had little effect on the body, however, as many of the organizations criticizing the body have similar degrees among themselves. The American body is also arranged different from its nearest relatives in England. The American body includes the Illustrious Order of the Red Cross, which is not conferred in any other organization, though it has very close cousins in the Irish and American Order of Knight Masons and in the English Allied Masonic Degrees grade of the Red Cross of Babylon. Also, in the United States, the Order of Malta is conferred on members before being eligible to receive the Order of the Temple, whereas in England, the Order of Malta is an honorary grade bestowed on Knights Templar. In the United States, all business is transacted in the Order of the Temple, the other bodies only being opened for the conferral of the Orders. In England, the Order of Malta meets and operates as a separate body in addition to the Order of the Temple.

Illustrious Order of the Red Cross

An Order emphasizing the lesson of truth. Elements of this Order were practiced in Ancient Lodges before the final form of the Master Mason Degree came into use. It is still practiced in the full ceremonial form by the Knight Masons of Ireland and the Knight Masons of the United States, and as the Red Cross of Babylon in the English Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees.

Order of Malta

An Order emphasizing the lesson of faith. This Order requires the Mason to profess and practice the Christian faith. The pass degree of the Mediterranean Pass, or Knight of St. Paul prepares the candidate for the Order by introducing the lesson and example of the unfearing and faithful martyr of Christianity. The Order is centered on allegorical elements of the Knights of Malta, inheritors of the medieval Knights Hospitaller.

Order of the Temple
An Order emphasizing the lessons of self-sacrifice and reverence. It is meant to rekindle the spirit of the medieval Knights Templar devotion and self-sacrifice to Christianity. The history of the Masonic Order is long and convoluted, with the Order's ritual differing between that conferred in England and in the United States. That practiced in the United States has a slight militant zeal to the lesson of Christianity, whereas the English ritual is more allegorical. However, the American ritual is most impressive, and more emphasis is placed on the solemnity and reverence associated with the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension of Christ. The presiding body is a Commandery, and the presiding officer is a Commander (titled Eminent) At the end of this order, you will be dubbed a Knight Templar.

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