The Three Big Scandals that are associated with Freemasonry
(Normally associated with anti-masonry points of view - this is the real story vice what conspiracy theorists say about Freemasonry)
Presentation: See pdf presentation below.

This presentation is here to educate all Masons about the three big scandals that have affected Freemasonry. The effects of which, still remain to cast a negative shadow over Masonry. It is every Mason's responsibility to know about these scandals and when they are mentioned as a negative mark against the fraternity, to set them straight on what happened.

1. The Morgan Affair
2. Leo Taxil
3. The P2 Lodge Affair

As an addition, I have added "Is It True_2015_Edited.pdf which addresses many of the other "charges" against Freemasonry. It is addresses from the standpoint of the Scottish Rite but, also addresses some of the Blue Lodge misconceptions too. Hopefully, this will set some of our detractors straight. At least, those that really want to know the truth. Please feel free to share it with others.

Alan Power,
Feb 12, 2017, 2:31 PM
Alan Power,
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