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Carson Lodge No. 1

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The Freemasons of Carson City, Nevada 

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Carson Lodge # 1 is the home of Carson City F & AM (Free & Accepted Masons) Freemasons. 

 The Lodge meets the third Thursday of every month at 7 PM.


The Lodge hosts meetings for Freemasons, Royal Arch Chapter, Cryptic Masons Council, Knights Templar Commandry, Order of the Eastern Star, International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. 

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The Fraternity:

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization, with a membership of about 1.4 million in the United States alone.  Freemasonry exists in many different countries and in a variety of forms - with over 4 million Freemasons worldwide.  One of the chief guiding principles of Freemasonry is a shared moral center where all men are brothers. Joining requires a declaration of a belief in a Supreme Being or God (based on your religion). 

(To learn more about Freemasonry, be sure to check out the sub-pages in this column. If you find, after reviewing them, that you might be of a like mind, contact us and see if you are a right fit for the fraternity.)

 Freemasons do not solicit for membership to their fraternal organization.  If you are interested in becoming a Freemason and joining the fraternity, you must ask a Freemason, request a petition, and submit it to the Lodge for review.  (thus the saying - "To be one, ask one." or 2B1 Ask 1)  

We have another catch phrase - "Making good men better."  So, like the Marines, we are looking for a "few good men" to make them "better men".  If you believe you are one of the "few good men" and are looking for mental and spiritual growth, as well as, an opportunity to be of service to others, we encourage you to contact us and start the process of becoming a Freemason.  Our moral philosophy, and what we stand for is on the "About us" page (please feel free to check it out).  Our role in society and our qualifications to join are found on left hand side of the same page.

The Organization

Freemasonry is organized into a series of Grand Lodges.  Each of these Grand Lodges governs a particular jurisdiction (in the US, it is by State), with the jurisdiction comprised of a number of constituent lodges.  Freemasonry also includes a number of other bodies (at last count - around 192), in essence - organizations that maintain their own independence (known as appendant bodies).  Examples of appendant bodies include "the Shriners", Royal Arch, Knights Templar, York Rite, Scottish Rite, and others.  There are also a number of youth organizations.  Every day, Freemasons and their appendant bodies contribute over $3 million to charity.  (See the Community Involvement tab)

 When Freemasons are asked to define their organization, they are likely to define it as a fraternity with a shared morality.  Freemasons often equate the structure and moral center of their organization to the tools and implements of the stonemason - as these are used as symbols in their moral teaching. 

 Even though freemasonry is often referred to as a secret society, in reality, this is not the case.  Indeed, it is not a secret society at all, simply a fraternity - with some secrets.  

 While certain aspects of the organization remain a closely guarded secret, the Freemasons of the modern age have become less secret than their reputation would suggest.  In fact, many of the private rituals and aspects of the Freemasons that remain secret are used primarily to allow members of different lodges to recognize one another so that impersonators or impostors cannot infiltrate their lodges and so that the lessons that are taught remain a special experience for new members.

The learning found in Freemasonry is meant to be a special experience to assist in your spiritual journey through life.  Freemasonry helps the individual in his "quest for something more" in life and teaches "the lessons of life" through its symbols. Freemasonry also provides fellowship, growth opportunities, lessons in life, and a chance to do something more for your greater community.  The Lodge is the foundation for the other appendant organizations that spring from the root of Freemasonry into over 190 other branches.  Freemasonry is a continuation of the age old teachings of the ancient mysteries through its initiates. 

If you find yourself curious or interested:

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our fraternity and Freemasonry.  

You can:

secretary@carson1.com or carsonlodge1@gmail.com 

If you are one of "the Good Guys" that meet the qualifications on the "About Us" page, we would encourage you to become a Freemason.