Who we are

A Word about what Freemasonry is and is not:

Freemasonry is about personal growth (mental and spiritual) and about helping others. Freemasonry is about men acting as Brothers for the good of your community and society in general. Freemasonry is about charity towards others. Every day, Freemasons and their appendant bodies contribute over $3 million to charity (about a Billion dollars annually). (This does not count charitable hours donated or other charitable acts that are not monetarily recorded.)

Freemasonry is about the growth of the individual into spiritual maturity and about man's search for "Enlightenment and Truth". It is about the ways to make the world a better place to live. This is primarily accomplished via charity to others - scholarships, medical research grants, and other charity. It is also about helping others and fostering a spirit of Brotherly Love.

Freemasonry is not a secret society. It is not a religious cult. It is not an organization with an evil plan to do evil things. We have no conspiracies to rule the world and make it evil (sorry to disappoint anyone). Freemasonry is actually quite the contrary. Freemasonry simply tries to do little things in little ways to help society: through the support of charitable organizations, and other charity work - through helping others to spiritually develop - through mentoring and education - through the development of leadership. That is our way of changing the world for the better - through helping others - a bit at a time.

It is a fraternity of brothers that has often been maligned by others for their own purposes. (Mostly, conspiracy theorists who were trying to sell their stories to others for their own profit.) And, it is a fraternity that has some secrets - to keep interlopers out (the bad guys) and to keep secret the initiation ceremonies and rituals so that new members can enjoy their upward spiritual journey without having the experience spoiled. Those are the only "secrets" the fraternity has ever claimed to possesses. Unless you actually believe what the conspiracy theorists say. Or, perhaps, have seen the movie "National Treasure" and believe everything it said. (The movie had some truths about Masonry, but, no, we do not know where the hidden treasure is buried.)

Freemasonry believes that each individual should be free to practice the religion of his choice and be a believer in a God (or Supreme Being). Freemasonry in no way wants to replace or subjugate your belief in a Supreme Being. Freemasonry encourages you to actively participate in the religion of your choice to make you a stronger member of your community. Freemasonry includes in its membership representatives from all of the major walks of faith. (No Devil Worshipers or Warlocks - sorry, if that's you - please apply elsewhere. We don't want you.)

Freemasonry is about personal growth, doing good and helping others. It is also about helping our members grow personally and spiritually. To do this, we use certain symbols as tools, to key our memory and to teach us some of the important lessons in life.

If you don't believe this - or - you have doubts about the above, I invite you to check into the people that have been Freemasons - like the father of our country - George Washington, 33 of his Generals, Benjamin Franklin, 12 Presidents of the United States and many, many others (even John Wayne was a Mason) - and ask yourself this question:

Could Freemasonry have been as bad as the conspiracy theorists say if all of the great men that were Freemasons were members? Would they have belonged to such a fraternity?

Think about it. Do your research. Search the Internet. You may find some strange and wild stuff out there (there are strange folks out there - we are sometimes amazed as to what is posted on the Internet. And, of course, everything posted on the Internet is true......).

And, when you get curious and want to know the truth about our fraternity, please, call us and ask us. We'd enjoy the opportunity to chat with you about the fraternity and your possible future role in Freemasonry. But, be aware, we are selective and not everyone is eligible to be a Mason. You will have to apply and go through an interview and review process prior to your acceptance. And, yes, you have to ask us to join our fraternity. We do not solicit membership. We believe you should be a Mason because you want to be and it is the right thing to do - for you (not us).

In summary, we are a simply a group of "good guys" trying to do good things for others without expecting or wanting recognition for our acts (but, we do want awareness of our fraternity so that we might encourage others to join us and help us to help others).

If you would like to know some of the good things we do, please review the list of our Masonic community involvement that can be found at the following address or schedule an appointment to drop by the Lodge and talk to us. We would enjoy the opportunity to chat with you about Freemasonry. We are still looking for a "few good men". If you believe that you qualify and are one of the few "good men" out there, contact us today and start your journey in Freemasonry toward Light. (See our Contacts page)

Did you know Shriners are Masons? Did you know Knights Templars are Masons? There are over 192 different groups (youth, adult male, adult female, and mixed) that spring from the "Masonic Root" that help others. You can be a part of this by taking the first step - contact your local Lodge and ask how to get started on your Masonic journey.