Our Lodge

Carson Lodge # 1

Carson Lodge # 1 has the distinction of being numbered as the first Freemason's lodge in the State of Nevada. It's first records date back to early 1862 (Back when Nevada was still a Territory - over 150 years ago). It was chartered as a California Lodge on the 15th of May 1862 and later became the first Nevada Lodge after Nevada became a State in 1864. Even Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) visited our Lodge about that time when he was visiting Carson City. (We have his signature in our sign in register to prove it.)

The lodge location has changed several times since 1862 and the members now meet in the yellow building on the corner of Carson Street and Washington Street in downtown Carson City (purchased in 1953 - See the picture above) This building has a rich heritage as the former train station for Carson City (the train tracks used to run up and down Washington Street right by the side of the Lodge). If you would like to see it, we are at 113 E. Washington Street, Carson City, NV.

For more information see "Torrence's History of All Nevada Lodges" on the "Links" page.

The Lodge "Front Door"

(on the North side of the building about half way down)

Our North side

This is the North side of our building where our sign is above the fake window. A bit to the left of our sign is our "front door".

Above is our "front door". We have our Stated meetings at 7 PM on the third Thursday of every month.

We usually get there a little early. If you are interested in learning more about our Lodge and Freemasonry, please feel free to drop by prior to the meeting and ask your questions. At 6:30 PM you can just walk in, introduce yourself, and ask your questions.

Be aware that the door "sticks" sometimes. If it doesn't open, please feel free to knock loudly, or try the rear "office" entrance. (That's where the Lodge Secretary hangs out.)

If you would like a bit more time to ask your questions, please call the Lodge to make arrangements for a one-on-one meeting so that any questions you might have concerning the fraternity can be answered and we can begin to get to know you.

We would enjoy talking to you about the merits of Freemasonry and we welcome all sincerely interested visitors. As for myself, I have only one regret concerning Freemasonry - that I did not join our fraternity sooner. It is a great organization that I have enjoyed immensely. As it is a true fraternity, all members are your Brothers.

Our contact information can be found on the "Contacts" page.